Learn How to Become A Walking BANK

A 12 Week Program with 12 Month Access

With The Right Mentorship, You Will Save A Lot of Pain, Suffering, and Not to Mention Money

Have you ever flown into another country, landed, and needed to exchange your currency for their currency? If so, you’ve experienced Forex first hand.

The Foreign Exchange Market (also known as Forex or FX) is the exchange of one currency to another. Every second of the day, currency rates are continually changing which makes Forex the largest financial market in the world, with an over 7 TRILLION dollar daily revenue.

In this course, you’ll have an online educational platform showing you how to profitably trade to become a full-time trader, or to create a second source of income without having to ask your friends and family to join your team. There is NO prior knowledge needed to enroll. During this recent pandemic, many people lost their jobs and had nothing to fall back on. Maybe you’re one of those people, or maybe you’re someone whos tired of living from check to check and looking to learn how you can work from home, and be in control of your time.

On social media, Day trading seems complicated, but it’s not. I simplify the markets to the point that my 10-year-old nephew can read and comprehend. With students making thousands in a day from less than a year of learning. I’m teaching the average individual how to become high 5 and 6-figure earners. 

The systems that I teach are repeatable, learnable, and profitable. With this skillset, once you learn how to analyze and trade the forex market, you’ll be able to use these same skills to trade cryptocurrency, commodities, and even the stock market.

Becoming a profitable trader is developing a winner’s mindset, consistently following a profitable system, and understanding that time will be a factor. If you’re looking to get rich by next week, this isn’t for you. Learning from those who not just have what you want, but have proven results is how you’ll minimize the time it’ll take to become a consistently profitable trader yourself.

This isn’t your typical “Forex course”. Within, you’ll learn more about the steps I took to get to where I am today, how I remain successful, and how you can do the same. If you’re tired of just getting by, you’re looking to learn how you can increase your wealth, gain a lifelong wealth-building skill, and you’re a disciplined person, who wants the best for your life, this is for you. So what are you waiting for?

Who Is This Course For

Looking To Make More Money

There’s no limit on how much money you can make daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly from trading. The money you can make from trading can help you to pay off your credit card bills, car payments, college debt, make a downpayment on the property, or anything else you choose to spend your money on.

Looking For Time Freedom

Some people aren’t as concerned with money as others, however, they want the time freedom that trading brings about. That can come from their energy being drained from their job, or even just wanting the ability to travel as they please, trade from wherever, or even have the ability to do the things they love.

Create Generational Wealth

Trading is a skill, one that can be passed down and can’t be forgotten. This skill not only can be passed down from generation to generation, but this skill can also give you the money needed to invest which will turn into generational wealth.


Student Testimonial

$6.7k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$4.7k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$9.5k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$16.5k made in 1 day

I've spent over $40k Learning This Skillset So You Don't Have To!

This Program Includes:

  • 12 Month access
  • Hands-on Coaching
  • Investing 101 course
  • Credit Enhancement course
  • Weekly analysis overview
  • Homework assignments w/ graded feedback
  • How to read and utilize news events to profit
  • How to profitably enter and exit the market
  • How to develop the mindset of a profitable trader
  • Interactive exercises & quizzes to keep you ahead
  • Personalized Trading Plan + Rules to stay profitable
  • Weekly Economic Updates and its Impact On the Markets
  • The blueprint to make hundreds and thousands in a day
  • Create and develop trading strategies to ensure consistent results
  • Access to live and recorded educational group webinars
  • Personalized Trading Journal w/ over 1,000 available entries to input
  • How to read and trade any financial market (Forex, Stock Market, Crypto, etc)

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