Credit Enhancement

Cash is king but credit gives you POWER

1 in 6 Americans don’t know their credit score


And almost 30% have bad credit


Credit is the determining factor in where you'll live, what you're able to purchase, how much your monthly bill will be, and in some cases, if you'll be accepted for a job or not


Credit is the most simplest way for you to start to build wealth!

Whether it’s getting a new loan (auto, credit card, mortgage), or having a better way of living financially, maintaining a good credit score is vital for every individual who has a continuous relationship with banks and financial institutions. 

To most people, credit can be confusing. They don’t understand how to rebuild their credit, improve it, or even how to utilize it to build wealth. This course will simplify the credit game for you. You’ll learn how to improve your credit score, permanently remove negative remarks (late payments bankruptcies, and medical bills), how to travel for free or discounted, and most importantly, how to utilize your credit score to build wealth.

This is a step-by-step guide specially created to understand how to improve your credit scores quickly and efficiently. Enrolling in this quick course will help you learn and understand everything you need to improve your credit history and score. Whether you’re interested in getting a home loan, car loan, or business loan, having a good to great credit score is vital, and this course can help you get that. 

Instead of spending thousands or even monthly payments of $150 to have a company fix your credit for you, learn how to DIY, as well as get educated on what lowered your score, how to improve it so you can utilize your credit score to build wealth.

I prioritize wealth building, as well as shifting your mindset on money so you can properly create generational wealth. You have to know how to manage your finances, so when emergencies happen (and they will) you’ll be prepared and it won’t break the bank.

Note: This process can take between 3 to 12-months. The methods taught using these tips have worked in 90 days, however, not everyone’s credit works the same. 


Membership Includes:

  • DIY credit repair
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Financial Spreadsheet eBook
  • How to turn your credit into cash
  • Step by step use your credit to invest
  • Travel hacks to travel for cheap & free
  • How to use your credit to build wealth
  • How to permanently remove negative items from your report