Bridging The Gap of Financial Ignorance
and Financial Literacy

Hi, I'm Hansome Kelly

I had $19 in my bank account, couldn't pay my bills on time and told myself enough was enough. I'm now a 6 figure Day Trader who coaches new and experienced Traders into becoming 6 figure earners.

The recent pandemic showed us how important it is to not only have multiple streams of income but most importantly to have a skill set that’s both recession and pandemic proof. Trading is both of those things. 

I prioritize wealth building, as well as shifting your mindset on money so you can properly create generational wealth. You have to know how to manage your finances, so when emergencies happen (and they will) you’ll be prepared and it won’t break the bank. 

During this recent pandemic, many people lost their jobs and had nothing to fall back on. Maybe you’re one of those people, or maybe you’re someone whos tired of living from check to check and looking to learn how you can work from home, and be in control of your time.

Throughout the years, I’ve spent over $40k in education and mentorship to learn how to become a profitable Trader and Investor. As a full-time trader for over 4 years now, a world traveler, and a person whos fully in control of their time, I’m living proof that with discipline and following a system, you can live the life of your dreams. 

With students making thousands in a day from less than a year of learning. I’ve successfully coached thousands of people on what it takes to become 6 figure earners for fractions of what I’ve spent.

Becoming a profitable trader is consistently following a profitable system and understanding that time will be a factor. If you’re looking to get rich by next week, this isn’t for you. Learning from those who not just have what you want, but have proven results is how you’ll minimize the time it’ll take to become a consistently profitable trader yourself.

If you’re tired of just getting by, you’re looking to learn how you can increase your wealth, gain a lifelong wealth-building skill, and you’re a disciplined person, who wants the best for your life, this is for you.

My goal is to shift the culture and bridge the gap between financial ignorance and financial literacy. 

These courses are committed to one primary outcome: to set you up for financial freedom and the good news is, it can be achieved by anyone.

These are not just courses, these are lifelong wealth-building skills. Within these courses, you’ll learn more about the steps I took to get to where I am today, how I remain successful, and how you can do the same.

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Regardless of your experience, this program will transform you into a profitable trader, and well rounded investor


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