Bridging The Gap of Financial Ignorance
and Financial Literacy

Hi, I'm Hansome Kelly

I had $19 in my bank account, couldn't pay my bills on time and told myself enough was enough.

Throughout my journey, I’ve spent thousands on courses, read countless books, networked my way into the right rooms, took advice from my 7 and 8 figure mentors, and utilized the info.

From 2018 to now, I’ve become a full-time Trader, traveled to over 10 countries, helped over a thousand people quit their job due to their trading results, as well as show Day Traders the blueprint needed to become more profitable Traders themselves.

My goal is to shift the culture and bridge the gap between financial ignorance and financial literacy.

These courses are committed to one primary outcome: to set you up for financial freedom and the good news is, it can be achieved by anyone.

Foreign Exchange Course

An A-Z online educational platform showing you how to successfully trade the foreign exchange and financial markets.


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