Hi, my name is Hansome Kelly.

I’m a Day Trader and a Financial Coach. I began my trading journey back in 2015. I got caught up in the “get rich quick” lifestyle that was being portrayed to me from social media, and I had beginner’s luck. Lacking proper mentorship, I started to make emotional decisions, trading with no true structure, and eventually blowing my account.

Fast forward, I consumed information from books, videos, courses, mentorship from successful traders, and applied what works. Trading has financially changed my life by helping me experience various time zones, create investments for future gains, and live on my own terms.

My mission is to push the culture forward. I want to personally help 100 million people with their finances. If each person passes that knowledge on to 1 person, that will be a significant change in the way the world operates.

When you stopped focusing on just helping yourself and more on how you can help others, your life got better. Shifting your mindset and your actions will bring you to the next level. The more I grow the more I’m viewing that life’s goal is to leave the world by making a positive impact for decades and centuries to come.


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