7 Week Hands-On Coaching to Ensure You Not Only Become A Profitable Trader, but to Guide You to Remain A Profitable Trader

If You're Interested In A More Hands-On Learning Approach, You Need To Join The Accelerated Breakthrough.

Unlike The Course, This Will Be A 7-Week Fast-Track Boot Camp Style of Learning.

We’ll begin with personal finance. What good is money if you don’t know how to manage and maximize it? Right after well head into the foundation of trading. With this, you’ll learn what trading is all about. This includes the rules, liquidity of the markets, trading sessions, the importance of leverage, and much more.

Next, well dive deep into the psychology of trading. Your psychology is what will separate you from an average trader to a consistently profitable trader. With this, you’ll develop a trader’s psychology which is a winner’s mindset. Well cover your habits, how to transition, and build the foundation so you can become a disciplined trader.

As we continue to accelerate, becoming a technical analysis trader starts here. You’ll learn how and why I’m able to remain a successful trader by reading the market’s past data and current price. We’ll examine how to approach the market by identifying the structure, learning how to read and trade candlestick patterns for profitability, identifying support and resistance, zones, Fibonacci, and much more.

Once you understand the technical aspect of the market, learning the fundamentals is next. You’ll learn how banks play their part in how the market moves, how the market is influenced and politically manipulated, and how to read and determine both the present and future moves based on a county’s economic decisions.

Now that you got what it takes with proven hands-on results, we’ll continue to accelerate by starting live trading sessions. Here we’ll start you off with your own $100K funded account in which everything you make you’ll walk away with between 80 and 90%.

The systems that I teach are repeatable, learnable, and profitable. With this skillset, once you learn how to analyze and trade the forex market, you’ll be able to use these same skills to trade cryptocurrency, commodities, and even the stock market.

You landed on this page for a reason. Let me shorten your learning curve and turn you into my next student who’s now a full-time trader and in control of their time.


Student Testimonial

$8.1k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$12.2k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$9.5k made in 1 day

Student Testimonial

$34.3k made in 1 day

I'm Only Accepting 4 Enrollments Per Opening

Accelerated Breakthrough Includes:

  • 15 Coaching calls
  • 6 Live Trading Sessions
  • $100k Funded Trading Account
  • High-Level Hands-On Coaching 
  • Financial Breakdown (Improving your Credit Score, Retirement/Savings Account(s), Diversification)

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